Access Control and Surveillance


Access control and surveillance are two important security measures to safeguard the organization and the assets of the business that are often used in conjunction with one another. Access control refers to the process of restricting access to a certain area or resource by giving them limited access through rules and regulations. While surveillance refers to the monitoring of that area or resource based on certain monitoring systems like a spy.

Together, these two measures can help to deter and detect crime in your organization in a trustworthy manner and protect people and property accordingly. There are many cyber and security threats in the current world. Arobust security system is compulsory to maintain a proper and disciplined Access control and surveillance system.

Types of surveillance systems and access control services Pechant Telec provides

Pechant Telec offers various surveillance and Access control services. The following are the key services offered by Pechant Telec under Surveillance andAccess control:

CCTV system installation: We can fix the suitable CCTC system set up the client prefers as per their requirement and destination

Access control system: Pechant Telec uses popular and efficient technologies to build the access control system systematically.

Alarm system: An alarm system can be set with ease for your home or office as per the instructions for the alarm to ring and notify during specific instances

Video intercom: Pechant Telec uses modern technology to build Video intercom solutions for seamless integration.

Benefits of Access Control and Surveillance

There are many benefits to implementing access control and surveillance measures in your workplace or organization. The following are the key advantages of implementing access control and surveillance:

  • Ability to deter and detect crime: Through systemized access control and surveillance, the occurrence of crime in the workplace can be detected and necessary measures can be taken.

  • Aids to protect your employees and customers: When there is an access control and surveillance system, the employee and customer’s protection is always assured.

  • Improves the overall security posture of the workplace: The goods and materials in the organization can be kept secure and safely through a robust system.

There are many benefits to implementing access control and surveillance measures in your workplace or organization. The following are the key advantages of implementing access control and surveillance:

  • Ability to execute security badges and key cards: Implementing access control and keycards helps to help to keep unauthorized people from entering the business premises.

  • Surveillance cameras can deter crime: Through fitting flexible surveillance cameras, a visual deterrent can be accessed, and it can also help to identify and apprehend criminals after the fact.

  • Aids to prevent accidents and incidents: Through proper access control and surveillance measures it can help to protect your employees and customers from potential threats and accidents on the business premises.

How we can help?

Pechant Telec can help in providing Access control and Surveillance services by installing and maintaining CCTV cameras and alarm systems. They can also help with providing security personnel for guarding and monitoring purposes. Their services can ensure the safety and security of your premises and belongings. Recognizing the need to intervene in ways that make a difference, Pechant Telec has provided successful security solutions and surveillance systems to many organizations as per their requirements. Let us be the team to fulfill your requirements.

Why choose us?

Pechant Telec is a Certified IT Company in Nairobi, Kenya, accredited by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), National Construction Authority (NCA), and ICTAuthority. We guarantee to give the best access control and surveillance services to our clients alongside the best solutions to achieve their workplace objectives. We know the value and importance of a proper and long-lasting access control and surveillance service. We can understand and incorporate your needs to give the best services.

The rate of crime and illegal activities is increasing daily. Proper access control and surveillance system will help to prevent unfavorable threats and problems arising in the workplace. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get the best services ofAccess control and Surveillance services.

Want to find out more?

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