Business Process Automation

Business process automation (BPA) is the process of systematically using technology to streamline and improve business processes effortlessly and effectively. Through the process of automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, businesses can improve efficiency and productivity while reducing overall costs. It is time-consuming and increases labour to do repetitive tasks.

Pechant Telec has partnered with Microsoft to provide services such as Microsoft dynamics 365, Power BI, office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

We can help automate business processes such as sales, marketing, purchasing, manufacturing, projects, logistics, HR, distribution and finance. 

Let’s be clear, implementing ERP is complex, sometimes traumatic, and filled with challenges – save yourself some time and money and increase your chances of success by partnering with Pechant Telec .We will help you in your journey of implementing Microsoft dynamics (ERP). 

Digital Transformation is not a buzzword and it is not just about technology. When digital transformation is planned carefully considering all factors, it delivers a quick-win, competitive advantage to a business. It also helps acceptance across stakeholders, makes collaboration effective and efficient, and the pace of transformation can be accelerated by leveraging the right governance framework and the right technology.

Benefits of business process automation



  • Business process automation can help save time and energy for workers. For example, it saves the hassle of having to manually do a task for clients through a simple automation
  •  It vacant the time of employees paving the path to focus on other aspects of the business
  • Business process automation improves the efficiency and accuracy of performing tasks through a simple step. For example, if you
  • The ability to eliminate the potential for human error as well as reduce the cost of work in the long run, and allows businesses to become more profitable because automation reduces the amount of work time and effort.
  • Assists in improving the bottom line and growth of the business due to the ability to focus on major objectives and strategies to implement
    them accordingly.

How we can help you?

At Pechant Telec, we offer a wide range of services to support business process automation. Our services include fulfilling the requirements of the clients to automate any type of business activity. We use powerful technology techniques and give the best solutions to our clients. 

Let it be any type of business automation facility you require, we are just a call away to fulfil your needs. We can also use automation to identify processes that could go wrong and take steps to avoid this happening. 

We also have a pull of business executives and engineers who understand business processes. We will help you follow industry best practices in any of your processes. 

When choosing a business process automation solution, it is important to consider several factors such as its features, ease of use, complexity, quality, and support. 

But ultimately, the best solution is the one that best meets your specific needs and objectives as a business.

Why choose us?

Pechant Telec is a Certified IT  Company in Nairobi, Kenya. Our systems engineers are certified by leading erp providers such as erpnext, odoo and SAP

 If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable solution for automating your business processes, Pechant Telec is the perfect choice for you. Our system offers a wide range of features and facilities including automation for business processes. we have ERP, CRM, and HRM Services for different industries such as Healthcare, Service contractors, Hospitality, Banking, Education, Military, and retail businesses.

Our specialized partners are ERP Next,Odoo and SAP. We tend to customize solutions for users to fit their specific needs, as well as a team of experts who are always available to help you get the best solutions in the shortest possible time. With Pechant Telec, you can streamline your operations as per your requirements, increase the efficiency of work, and save time and money. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you automate your business.

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