CCTV Cameras and Why You Need To Install Them.

CCTV security systems are essential in most public organizations, businesses, or residential places. Installing a CCTV camera is one way to monitor/watch your buildings and business effectively. It is a form of video surveillance that captures real-time footage and sends it to monitors, where it can be recorded and played back when needed. CCTV camera security is one of the more accessible forms of surveillance, and installing a system in your building or business is a good investment for the safety and security of your building or business.

Here, we will review what CCTV cameras are and how a CCTV camera security system works. We will also discuss the types of cameras, the factors to consider while obtaining a CCTV camera security system, and why installing a CCTV camera security system is essential.

What is a CCTV Camera Security System?

CCTV is usually a short form of closed-circuit television, also known as video surveillance. In this case, video surveillance means using video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place on a limited set of monitors. The ability of CCTV systems to give real-time footage to monitors helps increase security. The footage can be recorded to be played back when needed.

A CCTV camera surveillance system is one part of a security system that can help you watch or monitor who enters your buildings or business areas. It captures the footage and sends it to the monitor, which can be recorded and played back when needed.

CCTV camera security systems allow for a relatively high level of security because their shape makes it difficult for onlookers to tell which way the camera faces, deterring criminals by creating an air of uncertainty.

How Does a CCTV Camera Security System Work?

A CCTV camera is installed in your building, either outdoors or indoors, depending on where you want to monitor.

The CCTV camera will capture a constant sequence of images. The images are transmitted by a cable or wirelessly to a display monitor. The display monitor allows you to see the sequence of images as video footage. You can log in to your video recorder and playback the video to see who entered your building or business.

Types of CCTV Security Cameras.

Bullet Cameras.

Bullet cameras are long, cylindrical, and ideal for outdoor use. Their strengths lie precisely in applications that require long-distance viewing.

The cameras are installed within protective casings and shielded against dust, dirt, and other natural elements. The cameras can easily be mounted with a mounting bracket and come fitted with either fixed or varifocal lenses, depending on the requirements of their intended application.

Dome Cameras.

The dome camera is most commonly used for indoor and outdoor security and surveillance.

The shape of the camera makes it difficult for onlookers to tell which way the camera is facing, which is a substantial piece of design, deterring criminals by creating an air of uncertainty.

The dome camera has a broader viewing angle than the bullet camera and tends to be more resilient toward tampering and vandalism.

IP Cameras

Wired, wireless, and wire-free cameras are among IP security options.

Wireless cameras collect and send data over a wireless network. The wireless camera is connected to the user’s home Wi-Fi network allowing them to see the footage from anywhere.

Wired security cameras are connected to a recorder directly, which then connects to a router and the internet.

Wire-free cameras are completely cable-free and battery-powered. Although battery changes are required, these are the simplest to install, and all captured video is saved in the cloud.

PTZ Camera (Pan-Tilt-Zoom)

PTZ cameras work well for monitoring large spaces.

These cameras allow the camera to be moved left or right (panning), up and down (tilting), and even zoom the lens closer or farther. These cameras are used when a live guard or surveillance specialist operates the security systems.

The advantage of PTZ cameras is that only one is necessary to monitor a room instead of several fixed cameras.

The Factors to Consider While Obtaining a CCTV Camera Security System.

A good surveillance system allows you to always watch who arrives and leaves. Are you thinking of buying CCTV cameras for your business or home? Here are some of the things you should consider.

Location size

What is the size of the region you want to cover? If significant, you will require strong cams such as the PTZ. They can cover large regions while also zooming in on a specific topic. They are also a less expensive choice than putting several static cameras.


Do you want the CCTV cameras to be discreet or to serve as visible deterrents? Larger cameras, such as bullet CCTV cameras, serve as visible cues that the area is under monitoring, which can deter criminals. On the other hand, dome or PTZ cameras are ideal for being more inconspicuous.

Video quality

High-resolution cameras are more costly, so do your research before purchasing. A high-resolution video is optional for smaller areas such as offices. However, if your neighborhood is prone to larceny and burglary, you may require a high-quality product for recognition. Check to see if the camera can capture daylight and low-light situations. For better pictures, most cameras employ fake illuminators and infrared filters.


Storage is frequently neglected, but it is a critical consideration. You always want to maintain surveillance video, particularly for commercial purposes. Before purchasing, consult an expert to determine your required storage room.


If you intend to add more cameras, consider modern IP cameras that link via a wireless network. Because everything is hard-wired, traditional CCTV cameras have a closed circuit and are challenging to expand.

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Benefits of Installing a CCTV Camera Security System in Your Business

Installing a CCTV camera security system in your business has many benefits, some of which are discussed below:

Preventing Theft

Installing a CCTV system immediately deters thieves and theft. Intruders seek out easy targets where they can attract little notice to themselves. Because they do not want to be caught on camera, seeing a CCTV system placed at your company will urge them to move on to a new target.

Preventing Vandalism

The existence of a CCTV system can also prevent vandalism. Criminals do not want to be caught, so if they believe they will be recorded on video committing a crime, they will likely move on to a new victim.

For optimal vandal protection, ensure that your CCTV cameras are visible and cover the main, if not all, areas of your site.

Provides Camera Footage for Evidence

Your business CCTV system can aid in the identification and prosecution of offenders. Capturing your intruder or strange behavior on video is more valuable than simply setting an alert.

The police or other appropriate officials will be able to use the camera video as proof and to help identify wanted offenders.

Visibility of Entire Business Premises

It is impossible to be everywhere at the same time. Use a CCTV system as an additional set of eyes. Once your CCTV system is configured to encompass your entire company premises, you can watch your complete site from a single device.

Feel more in charge of your day-to-day operations and enhance your company management. By watching what is happening in your company premises through CCTV, you will likely be able to spot areas for development, increasing business efficiency and output.

Peace of Mind

A significant advantage of CCTV systems is the peace of mind of knowing that all areas of your location are being monitored. Eliminating the concern about what occurs on-site when you are absent or when the company is closed, such as on weekends and public holidays.

To read more about the benefits of CCTV in Business.

When you think of securing your business, a CCTV security system should come to mind. Understand how the CCTV security system will secure your business before even considering having one installed in your business. This blog has given a summary of all that you need to know about CCTV camera security systems.



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