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The first step in any network design and build project is to assess the needs of the clients and the company’s IT network. This includes understanding the client’s business, their current network infrastructure, the methods the client expects to build the network, expectations, and their future goals. Once the needs are taken into consideration, the next step is to design a network that will meet those requirements of the client. This includes selecting the appropriate hardware and software, planning the network design, walking through the solutions, and designing the network architecture. The final step is to test the network to ensure it functions correctly.

We know the workflow of network design and build and have the confidence to meet your requirements.

Major services offered by Pechant Telec for Network Design and Build

There are a variety of services that Pechant Telec offers its clients. The following are the key services offered for Network Design and Build:

Network design: One of the most important services is network design. This service involves planning and designing a network that will meet the specific requirements of the client and their organization.

Fiber installation: Creating a high-speed network through proper fiber optic cables or any connectors is a priority for any organization.

Wi-fi: Fixing Wi-fi issues, configuring the wireless access points appropriately, and managing the complete network design are achieved through this service.

Structured cabling: A proper and organized network cable system is a must for any system to establish seamless network connectivity for the organization.

Benefits of Network Design and Build services

There are many benefits obtained through Network Design and Build services. The following are the key services obtained through Network Design and Build services to any organisation:

  • A well-designed and implemented network is critical to the success of any organization. A proper network is necessary to have seamless network connectivity.

  • A well-designed network can provide significant advantages in terms of cost savings due to the proper regulation and design of the network.

  • Improved productivity can be achieved through the seamless workflow of the employees.

  • It provides enhanced customer service by satisfying customers with the best connectivity and providing customers with the information they need in a timely and efficient manner.

There are many benefits obtained through Network Design and Build services. The following are the key services obtained through Network Design and Build services to any organisation:

  • A properly designed network can help an organization save money by reducing the need for expensive hardware and software.

  • In addition, a well-designed network can improve employee productivity by providing them with the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

  • Organizations that invest in network design and building services can reap significant benefits.
  • Organizations can improve their bottom lines and better compete in today’s marketplace.

How we can help with Network Design and Build services?

Pechant Telec can help network design and build in several ways. We can provide you with the resources and expertise you need to design and build a world-class network in the best possible way. We can also help you troubleshoot and optimize your network for maximum performance in various ways by finding the issues from the root. In addition, we can help you manage and monitor your network so that you can keep it running smoothly and seamlessly over the long term.

Why choose us?

Pechant Telec is a Certified IT Company in Nairobi, Kenya, accredited by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), National Construction Authority (NCA), and ICTA Authority. We are trained experts in providing network design and build services as per the requirements of the customer.


Our services last long term aiding the best workplace experience. We guarantee to give the best services, after all, your satisfaction matters to us. We will give the Network Design and Build services from root to top apt for your needs as well as you can contact us anytime to assist you.

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