Today’s information age is evolving with data populating exponentially. Every organization is looking forward to having a strong and robust IT infrastructure and ensuring that the right information is available at the right time to the user irrespective of his location. The servers, workstations, and mission-critical applications which are the vehicles that deliver advanced information to all the users who access the network are integrated seamlessly to provide a strong infrastructural backbone.

For establishing a trouble-free operation, any organization require a strong IT infrastructure backed by an experienced system integrator who can deliver a solution cost-effectively and is widely acknowledged by the industry. At Pechant Telec, we specialize in providing cost effective IT Infrastructure solutions for Large, Small and Medium Enterprise segments, Banks, Government, Public-sector and Private sector enterprises. We support all IT support products like servers, storage, software, networking and different Peripheral product. We also provide IT helpdesk support for our clients. 

Our specialized solutions include:

  • Server & Storage solutions
  • Networking & Data centre Solutions
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Structured cabling
  • Annual Maintenance & Support services

Server & Storage solutions

Nowadays more efficient data centers exist, companies have come to understand the true values of working more with less. By providing the latest storage technologies, Pechant Telec helps its customer to enhance computing performance, reduce cost and best solution to suit company’s needs.
Our storage infrastructure features data reliability, protection and recovery. On the other side, Our cloud-based server storage provides major benefits like savings made on hardware and software, and unmatched levels of flexibility on using IT resources. Our expert team demonstrate how cloud services can work for the client company.
If you are considering migrating from a local server to Vmware or Microsoft-enabled cloud(private, public or integrated hybrid cloud), Our team assist you with best approach for planning, designing, and implementing and also help in the post-migration of the computing environment. We also provide small business servers at affordable prices.

Computer Networking Kenya

Networking & Data centre Solutions


Ranging from wired to wireless, We insist on our various state of art technologies in installing a Local area network (LAN) within your office premises. We also provide Wide area networks from small to large complex networks between company branches and its remote offices including VPN connectivity.

To protect your network of systems and its data from virus, hackers and malicious software and users, Pechant Telec provide you with a complete security solution with firewalls, vpn, VLANs. Our major aim is to protect your networks from getting tampered, either it be an external or internal sources.

Data centers

In real time, an organizational goal depends on its IT Infrastructure. With voice, data, video usage by respective devices and network centric applications , there exists complexity in IT Data centers.
We build data center solutions that are simpler and can improvise your business. Also we build cloud based data center solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. We also help new clients in data center migration

Wireless Solutions

We deliver complete solutions for high-speed Internet, WiFi Networks, video and application services directly to multi-dwelling unit buildings using the latest technologies.
Today all devices supports wireless technology. So corporate systems, applications and software also acquires wireless capability. But it is also complex to understand or make sure that the voice, data and the video communications are handled efficiently by installing wireless network solutions technology.
Pechant Telec guide you to start with a normal site survey, access point and with the accurate wireless configuration, data networking and intercom telephone systems to achieve optimum utilization of IT infrastructure with wireless environment.


Structured cabling

We provide ideas and installation of structured cable, laying, testing using our best practices. We support our clients in the most professional way for cabling infrastructure (Fiber optic, cat5, Cat6, cabinets, patch panels.

Annual Maintenance & Support services

We provide annual maintenance service for all hardware and networking components, accesories and peripherals including servers, Switches, Routers, Laptop and desktops, Terminals, UPS and Data centers.
Monthly and yearly contracts are available for IT support and maintenance.
Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and has been our driving force for our business success factor. We invest in people and process to improve our software maintenance and support service levels. Our experience spectrum of IT services made us the most preferred annual maintenance contract for IT Service provider in Westlands Nairobi Kenya.

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